A Walk in the Park

This Saturday I’m going for a walk in Zion National Park. I hope some friends will join me, so that we can discuss our federal government and the way it is treating us. We will walk down a state road, and we will talk.

We’re not asking for permission. We don’t need any. We have rights that no bureaucrat—not even a President—can trump. We can assemble, and we can protest the actions of our government. That is a right that we were given by God, not by government—and surely not by the petty fools who currently inhabit Washington, D.C., daily distancing themselves—and us—from the noble forebears who helped make us the greatest nation this world has ever seen.

Our right to peacefully assemble and protest the actions of our government is specifically protected by the Constitution. In other words, the right predates government, and government can’t touch it.

I want to walk down the road and discuss the proper role of the federal government. That government—our government—is supposed to work for us. But, lately it seems that things have been turned around, and our federal government believes that we work for it. It spies on us. It makes taxation decisions based on our support or non-support of the current President. And, to make political points, it shuts down services in ways that are coldly calculated to inflict maximum suffering on us.

That is wrong. It is hostile to our rights. And, again, our rights were not granted to us by government. To the contrary, government was created—at least in this great country—with specific restrictions, so that it must recognize and respect our God-given rights.

But now government is stepping on my rights. So, I’m going to walk. And I’m going to talk. I’m an American. That is my right.

Maybe you feel the same, and you would like to walk and talk. If so, meet me this Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at the fee station just past Springdale, Utah. (Bring some money to spend in Springdale. The business owners need some support.).

Please don’t come if you want to get into any kind of altercation with rangers who likely will be there and who have a job that they are being told they have to do. They are Americans just like us who are put in a situation that they too are trying their best to navigate. None of this is their fault in any way. I will bring them some hot chocolate and pastries that they can enjoy while we enter our park and walk until we feel like turning around.

God bless America.

Our discussion

  1. Erin Fitzgerald said

    I ask you in all earnestness not to do this. Yes, the folks of Southern Utah need tourism money, which is why I believe it’s possible not all will come to “peacefully walk”, but might come looking for a fight. I don’t believe you have followed this possibility through to its probable conclusions, including violence against park rangers. Do you want violence against park rangers on your conscience? This idea is poorly conceived, and is a direct challenge to the authority of the park service and federal government. If any violence occurs, you will have egged it on. You are a member of the Judicial, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee – please don’t break the law. Please keep people safe. This is a bad idea. Please don’t do it.

  2. Amanda Ballif said

    This is not illegal. First Ammendment rights trump and charges, if any are made will be dropped. Well thought out plan, senator. Keep calm and carry on!

  3. Alisha Pollock said

    I think this is a great idea! I am from southern Utah and wish I could be there. We pay for those roads and the upkeep. The government has no right to tell everyone they can’t go in. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Brett said

    Instead of punishing innocent National Parks employees, maybe you should invade Congressman Stewart, Senator Lee, and Senator Hatch’s offices? I guess that would mean recognizing you’re more part of this problem than the solution.

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